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As the World Cup is fast approaching, we're going footie crazy. While there are many things to love about football, there are also plenty of things to love to hate... and frankly, just hate. Prepare to feel your temper rise (sorry!) with our three worst things about the World Cup:

Worst Things About The World Cup #1: The Vuvuzelas

Worst Things About The World Cup: Vuvuzelas
The worst World Cup novelty of all time? We think so. Remember the app? The constant high pitched hum of the vuvuzela throughout the duration of each game? Torturous. Then there was the caxirola effort from the last World Cup in Brazil. When it comes to noise-making, we'll stick to cheers among the crowds.

Worst Things About The World Cup #2: The Football Songs

This one might be a little contentious. We know that sometimes there’s nothing like a group singalong to a classic footie anthem but most of the dross churned out around World Cup time just doesn’t cut the mustard (and we’d rather not be subjected to it). Still not convinced?

Worst Things About The World Cup #3: The Disappointment

Worst Things About The World Cup: The Fans
There are a lot of highs and equally so many lows. No matter how much you back the boys, the heartache can be unbearable. And the further we go, the deeper the cut. As much as you try not to get your hopes up, and try not to think THIS COULD BE OUR YEAR!  Once you're past the group stages, you can almost touch the trophy. But then it comes. The almost inevitable heartbreak and disappointment and we promise ourselves, never again… until next time.

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