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Getting away from it all this January? When it's cold and grey outside who can blame your search for some sunshine. So whether you're heading to Caribbean shores, south of the Equator or further afield, here's what to pack in your Winter sun suitcase.

Winter sun

Something for the beach

Dive right into the tropical spirit with a hat and a pair of all-important swimming shorts. You may be wearing a high SPF but a couple of t-shirts will always come in handy so you can cover up and protect your skin. Go exploring with a snorkel and enjoy the sunshine.

Relaxing by the pool

The same as above pretty much applies to when you're by the pool but you may want to swap in a short sleeve shirt and smarter chino shorts to get you from hotel room to poolside to bar effortlessly. Or if you're heading into town, take some plimsolls.

Dinner and drinks

When you're on holiday and it's still warm at night, there's no need to dress up completely for dinner (unless there's a dress code of course). Dial it down and go for a casual style in a short sleeve shirt and chino shorts. Add some plimsolls to keep it casually cool.

In transit

Chances are you'll be travelling far to capture some Winter sun so preparation is key. Wear some long trousers and layers. Think jersey hoodies, long-sleeve tees and lightweight chinos. Essentially, you want to wear clothing that's comfortable and able to cope with change in temperature.

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