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They always say that you can tell a lot about a man by his footwear. So when it comes to making the right impression, think from the ground up. From desert boots to plimsolls, here is what your shoes say about you.

Desert Boots

Desert boots

Easy to wear and always in style, desert boots are you go-to for work and the weekend. For those moments when you want to look smart and feel relaxed. Look good and be comfortable by wearing your desert boots with denim jeans, a casual shirt and grey fisherman jumper. It's a failsafe outfit that eases you into the weekend effortlessly.

Smart Brogues

Brogues go with everything from your favourite slim fit blue suit to your smartest pair of jeans. Full of vintage charm, they bring a touch of personality to your outfit. Contemporary and versatile, there's no denying that you take pride in your appearance. Whether wearing your pair of brogues with a blazer, smart shirt and chinos or a more tailored look.

Chelsea Boot


Chelsea boot wearers are smart, sleek and well-groomed. The Chelsea boot was so-called because they were worn by the style-conscious "Chelsea set" of the mid-20th century and this sets the scene. You enjoy nothing more than spending a Friday night in a smart wine bar looking effortlessly cool in a plain tee and leather jacket.


Plimsoll wearers fall into two camps, those who wear them strictly at the weekends and those who wear them during the week, to work. If you stick to the weekend, you'll most likely wear them to that all-important weekend match. Or teamed with joggers and a comfy sweatshirt to pop out to the shops.

The second type of plimsoll wearer is a creative type, perhaps a graphic designer, software developer or as part of start-up. Your downtime is spent visiting niche cafes or catching the latest exhibition at a contemporary art museum near you. You tend to wear slim jeans, a plain white tee and a bomber when you want to look particularly smart.

Tassel Loafer

You have been both a plimsoll wearer and a brogue wearer, but you also the tasseled loafer plays a role as it can be worn both casually and smart. Whether with a pair of chinos and blue Oxford shirt or a skinny fitting black suit, white shirt, tasseled loafers are your go-to for stylish shoes.

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