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From prints to plaid, a good shirt is the easiest way to update your wardrobe. So, if you’re after something new for the upcoming festive season – a new shirt is the ideal option. Scroll down to find what shirt to wear this Christmas…


Getting ‘all dressed up’ for Christmas isn’t everyone’s forte. Whether it’s that gifted novelty jumper from a well-meaning aunt that fills you with dread (Eds note: jumper, not aunt), to the thought of having to put on yet another suit post work hours. Sometimes us blokes just want to look stylish and up-to-date the easy and uncomplicated way. Enter the shirt. No fuss, no hassle –just one step to looking good and feeling smart come the festivities. Whether you’re heading to a family dinner, Christmas party or just after something smart enough for the family lunch; here are the shirts to wear this Christmas…


The plaid shirt


A classic plaid is a great option for a Christmas shirt. It nods to the festivities without a novelty reindeer in sight. Look for shades of reds and greens, to get into the swing of all things Christmas without screaming it. It also has style longevity, meaning you can wear it through January without feeling like you’re in fancy dress. Casual enough for Christmas day and a few pints down the pub. If you’re stuck on what to wear choose plaid for failsafe smartness.


The conversation-starting shirt


So you’ve decided a shirt is what you want to go for this season, but still want something that packs a bit of a punch? In that case, a sequin sleeved shirt certainly makes an impression. Who says glitter is just for girls? If you’re a confidant dressers who wants to stand out season, a sequin number is sure to be a conversation starter.


The plain-but-smart shirt


Want to throw a new shirt into the mix to keep you looking dapper in December, but also want something that can stay in rotation all year round? In that case, avoid novelty and opt for a timeless style that’s plain, practical, and well cut. This crisp blue shirt does the job and doesn’t just answer the question of what to wear this Christmas, but also helps you up your style game come the New Year too.


The printed shirt


You can’t go wrong with a classic print, whatever the time of year. And hear us out, the floral print is the one to watch. A printed shirt can see you through all your event needs, be it the boxing day buffet or celebratory drinks. Just team with jeans or chinos and you’re good to go. Looks like it’s time to up your shirt game with a sophisticated print (or two) and have your Christmas look sorted.


The party shirt


Want to up your party season style, but don’t want to go all out in a a jazzy blazer or suit? Then why not opt for a party shirt. This black and gold scallop print has the ideal balance of Great Gatsby decadence, without being too in your face. For a general styling rule we say reserve your darker shirts for night rather than the 9-5, helping you create a distinctively different look post daytime, (even if you’re paring it with the same trousers and shoes) making it an easy and stylish swap come evening time.


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