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When it comes to shirts, what’s more important than the collar? Whether it's a smart or casual affair, it’s fundamental that you wear the right shirt collar. Need a little help to tell your spread from your straight point? Here’s our guide for the different types of collars you need to know… and wear:

The Spread Collar

What is it? One of the more popular collars (and likely to already be in your wardrobe), as the name suggests it provides a wider space for ties to be worn.
Where to wear? From desk to dinner, this collar looks just as good at work as it does for more relaxed occasions.
How to wear it? With its versatile look, your options are endless... Accommodating a range of different knots, it can even be worn without a tie!

The Straight Point Collar

What is it? It’s, quite literally, straight to the point. This elegant yet simple design deserves a place in every man’s formal wardrobe.
Where to wear it? Smaller than a spread collar, it provides a more refined look making it ideal for the 9-5 business dress code.
How to wear it? Perfect your tie in a half Windsor or Victoria knot, then complete the look with do-no-wrong brogues.

The Cutaway Collar

What is it? If you want a modern twist on a traditional look, the cutaway is for you. Cut on an angle, this dapper collar will instantly turn your suit into a statement.
Where to wear? Sharp and sophisticated, it’s perfect to impress in the boardroom... in the style stakes at least.
How to wear it? Take advantage of the cutaway's contemporary look and pair with a skinny fit suit.

The Pin Collar

What is it? Made for dressier occasions, it boasts a slim metal pin through the top of the collar which gently pushes the tie forward.
Where to wear it? Taking your suit to new (and flashier) heights, you'll be sure to RSVP in style for business events and formal parties.
How to wear it? A tie is the key component to this precise look, but don't forget about other important formal accessories like cufflinks and pocket squares.

The Button-Down Collar

What is it? A more informal option, this collar has buttons at the tips to fasten it to the top of the shirt.
Where to wear it? Commonly associated with a preppier look, the button-down is essential for smart-casual occasions.
How to wear it? Dress it down nicely with chinos and a light blazer. Want to wear a tie? Forgo tradition and opt instead for a modern skinny shape.

shirt and jeans

The Grandad Collar

What is it? Steeped in a rich history, the grandad collar has been a favourite throughout the decades with its neat rounded design.
Where to wear it? Weekend is your best bet for this non-traditional collar. Think family BBQs or al-fresco dining with friends.
How to wear it?  Keep it simple just like the collar and team with jeans for a hassle-free look. You can also wear it open and layer a plain white tee underneath.

The Cuban Collar

What is it? Popularised in the 1950s in the USA, the open Cuban collar has become essential for warm-weather dressing across the Atlantic.
Where to wear it? The nature of the design means no tie is required, which makes it perfect for casual and holiday outfits.
How to wear it? Make it your vacation-staple and pack a handful alongside chino shorts and flip flops.

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