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With travelling abroad now cheaper than ever, weddings are increasingly further from home and who can blame us? The idea of a beach wedding is the romantic dream, and there are plenty of other types to opt for if sand in your toes on the big day doesn’t sound like your thing.


Asides from the suit, the location for your wedding is what you should spend the most time choosing, so to give you a steer we asked lowcostholidays for a roundup of the best wedding locations for 2016.

The Caribbean
Let’s start with a favourite – the Caribbean. With sweeping white shorelines and that tropical sunshine, having a wedding ceremony on a Caribbean beach will still be very much a popular choice in 2016. Jamaica is a great choice for those looking to enjoy an end of year wedding with the heavy rainfall trailing off in October, while the likes of Barbados, St Lucia and the Grenadines bode well for those looking to get hitched in the summer.



If you’re looking for a beach wedding that will leave you plenty of money for the honeymoon, Cyprus continues to be a top pick for us Brits. Affordable luxury hotels plaster the island and the beaches really are a vision of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, especially when embellished with a beautiful bride and groom. Besides, what better place is there to get married than the supposed birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite?

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

It’s classic, it’s cool and it can be very cheap. Vegas is known as the place for runaway couples wanting to elope but it can offer so much more (well, if you want it to). In the city centre you can get the wedding group going with a host of fun activities before the big day, and off the strip you can find the stunning backdrops of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Another plus to getting wed in Las Vegas? The epic reception party that can be had on the main strip.



With a choice of romantic islands dotting the Mediterranean Sea, Greece remains a popular option for couples. There are plenty of smaller islands where you can enjoy a wonderful wedding day and save money, and if you’d prefer an alternative to a wedding on a beach there are dozens of breathtaking chapels to choose from. The whitewashed buildings paired with blue seas and skies create the backdrop for the perfect day.




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