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After weeks of applying, you’ve finally done it and secured an interview for your dream job. Now it’s time to prep and research everything about the company, including the dress code. Then make sure you stand out as the right candidate by taking a look at the tips from CV-Library below. Here’s how to get ahead at an interview in a range of different industries.


From startups to major corporations, IT is a huge industry that encompasses everything from shopping to social networks. It really is all about innovation and new technology. So while it’s important to show you have technical skills, you also need to demonstrate your knowledge of the sector. Make sure you do your research and brush up on all the latest technological advancements and trends.


Whether you see yourself as the next Don Draper or enjoy producing video, digital and creative skills are highly valued. But remember, it’s all about showcasing what you can do. Creating a portfolio of your work is vital, and even better if you can create one online. Make sure to pick the best examples, and as design is all about attention to detail, take extra care in making your portfolio look smart.


There are many areas of marketing you can go into. Most require creativity and personality. Take the time to perfect your personal brand before the interview. Whether that’s your blog, website or social media platforms.


Prepare examples from your previous work. Then quantify these with statistics. Financial roles are about numbers after all. The interviewer want to see how your skills translate practically.


Prepare for your interview as if it were a sales call. Be familiar and confident with the company and what you’re going to be selling there – that way you can show your ability to seal the deal by selling yourself.


Interviewers for education roles will always ask about your previous experience. So, as well as your CV, it could be worth bringing along lesson plans and activities that you have put together in the past to help demonstrate why you’re right for the job.

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