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This summer will be full of tonnes of action packed movies hitting the cinemas over the next few months. We’ve picked out a few that we really can’t wait to watch. Get the popcorn ready!

Dawn of The Planet Apes

Planet of the Apes is definitely one of those rare classic movies that just stuck around and you won’t get bored of. You know this Sci-fi/Drama movie is just going to be packed with some epic action packed scenes.

Already out!



What can we say about this one? If there’s anyone who can play Hercules well it’s  Dwayne Johnson! This movie has had some top ratings and we think it will definitely live up to the hype!

Out 25th July.


Guardian of the Galaxy

If you’re a Marvel fan you’ll want to head over to the cinema for this one! We’ve been told it’s full of some weirdly cool characters and you’ll have a few laughs, so why not?

Out 31st July.


The Expendables 3

We’ve seen Expendables 1 and 2, which lets face it were pretty good! So we guess it would be a little rude not to watch the 3rd. Plus with Sylvester Stallone it’s always going to be worth the watch.

Out 14th August.


The November Man

All we needed to know was that it has Pierce Brosnan and it’s a thriller full of action. Oh and that we can expect to see a few hot characters. What more could you need?

Out 27th August.

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