Style Manual

The modern man’s guide to dressing well every day

 1. Bret Contreras

It’s like having a trainer in your pocket – this strength coach’s Instagram is full of lifting, motivation and training tips.


Check out Bret @bretcontreras1

2. Dwayne Johnson

Now this is a guy that doesn’t need any explaining. Not many people can do fitness like The Rock!


Find The Rock @therock 

 3. Carson Clay Calhoun

Yoga isn’t just for women and handstands are no longer child’s play! Follow this page for workouts and techniques to really strengthen you up.


Check out this account @carsonclaycalhoun

4. Adam Bornstein

One of the best-selling authors in California and one of the biggest names in health and fitness. Follow him for workouts and nutrition.


Follow Adam @bornfitness

5. CT Fletcher

If you’re someone who’s looking for some motivation, this is the guy to follow. If his posts won’t motivate you – nothing will!


Get motivated @isymfs

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