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#TipOff2015: Tech


We’ve been hearing more and more about wearables, but 2015 is set to be the year that they take off in a big way. No longer confined to an over engineered wristband that is essentially a glorified pedometer or the notorious Google Glass, a beast rarely spotted in the wild, this year wearable tech is going to become actually useful and affordable. From smart socks for runners to wearable tech to control all your gadgets (no more rummaging down the side of the sofa for the remote!). Keep an eye out for the Apple watch, it could be a game changer.

3D printing is also set to take off, and we don’t just mean a select few at home printing unmentionables. The major shift is that we could see this moving into the food industry. We’ve heard you’re probably more likely to eat something that has been made with a 3d printer in 2015 than anything else that’s been 3D printed.

We reckon 2015 is going to be the year we see an even bigger shift in how people pay for goods in store. Say goodbye to long queues at the checkout! Apple has already introduced mobile payment in some stores and what we’re hearing talk of ECG authorised contactless payment tech in the pipeline – basically your payment is verified by your heartbeat pattern at the checkout point. Hold tight the rest of the high street, the future is coming!

We’re hearing a lot about the ‘connected home’ for 2015. Basically this means you’ll be able to lock your doors, switch lights on and off, set the dishwasher running and even get the kettle freshly boiled for when you walk through your door, all at the touch of a button from your preferred smart device. Google’s Nest was one of the first gen examples of this but consumers were wary about data collection by Google- the all seeing eye. People like their privacy, which brings us on nicely to the last trend….

Privacy is going to become the new celebrity. Forget over-sharing on social media, in 2015 there’s going to be a shift towards people making their profiles private. We’re also much more aware of companies collecting and monetising our data. Remember AOL’s cock-up with their search data release? Keep seeing those annoying copyright statuses on Facebook? Caught wind of the huge celebrity cloud hacks of the summer? People are going to become more and more cautious. New network Ello has picked up on the trend already and launched their platform that promises not to monetise their users data, but we’re not seeing a mass exodus to Ello just yet.


Have we missed any? What tech developments are you looking forward to most in 2015?

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