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#TipOff2015: Music

At the start of 2014, hip hop and dance music were continuing their love affair where the genres converged into one pigeon hole defying hit machine. We had a great deal of confusion over whether what we were listening to was Trap, EDM or just plain pop music? It was also the year you found yourself irritated, at least 5 times a week, by the fact you we’re toe tapping along to Pharell’s ‘Happy’ despite professing your distaste for it. Sam Smith was also an inescapable music force throughout the year. So what can we look forward to in 2015?


We predict dance music in general is going to become even more soulful as it draws more and more and more influence from disco. Look out for ridiculous micro genre names like Disco 2.0, Nu Disco and Disco-Tech.

In Hip Hop, the shift to a nostalgic East Coast sound is going to continue from artists like Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew. Look out for his new album B4.DA.$$ dropping mid Jan. Also look out for albums dropping from firm favourites Kendrick Lamar, Drake and A$AP Rocky. The new comer to watch has to be Vince Staples. Holding up the female side of the rap game will be Doja Cat who is a musical amalgamation of Jhene Aiko and Nicki Minaj, but in a good way.

Bands are long overdue a renaissance but we can’t help but feel that their reincarnation may be almost unrecognisable from the guitar wielding likely lads that dominated the airwaves from ’06 til ’09. Ones to watch include Years & Years, Slaves, Black Honey and Deers.

In 2015 we’re hoping for just a minute’s respite from Sam Smith, and praying, to the forgiving powers that be, we don’t have to endure any more Meghan Trainor (although that looks as though it may be a bit of an ask). Instead, we’re going to keep an ear out for solo artists including Kwabs, Marika Hackman and James Bay. There’s a definite folk trend amongst a lot of new solo artists we’re noticing.


Predicting music trends is notoriously tricky ground, so if you think we’re way off track let us know in the comments.

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