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With 2014 being the year of the craft beer explosion, a renewed passion for juicing and a rekindled penchant for low and slow smoked meats, we’re now looking to 2015. What are going to be the big rollers for the year to come in the food and drink world?



Often divisive, with a bad rep for being over boiled and served up by granny in a bland white sauce, the humble cauliflower is being given a new lease of life in 2015. Expect to see it on the menu at some seriously progressive restaurants. We predict you’ll encounter in under different guises as a healthy alternative to rice and mash as the world continues its health conscious quest.

Croissant Collabs

2014 saw us reach peak cronut. In 2015 look forward to other harebrained croissant cross breeds such as the Cretzel or the Cragle. The perfect carb-tidote to all that healthy cauliflower we’re to endure.

Savoury Yoghurt

Still to be convinced by this one, we’re expected to find roasted butternut squash, tomato and even beetroot flavours. It’s a step beyond Tzatziki and whist we can’t see people snacking on a pot of carrot yoghurt mid morning we can see it being incorporated more and more into healthy recipes.

Craft Gin

2014 was the pinnacle of the craft beer renaissance and we relished each discovery of a new local brewery and the expansion of our trusted favourites. This year look forward to the craft trend moving into the gin market with new micro distilleries emerging all the time. Move over Gordons, there are about to be some seriously cool new kids on the block.

Honourable Mentions

Whisky is set to take off with more distilleries producing it from unconventional locations, we’ve been tipped off that Vermouth is going to make a return to favour too. Food wise, ceviche (washed down with a Pisco Sour) is going to go from strength to strength with the punters and ramen noodles are set to make waves too. Finally, after the successful explosion of other world cuisines (Mexican, Spanish, Italian etc) French food could be on the brink of its big time boom in the next 12 months.

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