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With the 2019 Rugby World Cup kicking off, we caught up with with ex-Scottish national rugby player and the face of our Big and Tall range, Tim Visser to get his thoughts and predictions on what to expect…

The Rugby World Cup is underway.  What do you think will be the biggest challenges the teams will face playing in Japan?

Probably the heat and humidity. Not only is playing in the heat physically tough, it also means the balls will be slippy which impairs handling.


It’s the first time Asia has ever hosted the world cup, have you seen a growing interest for the sport out there?

Definitely. They now have a thriving domestic league with stars from all over the world, and Japan beat South Africa for the first time at a World Cup in 2015.


How will you be following the World Cup? Where do you like to watch the rugby and who will you be watching with?

I’ll be watching from home with my family as well as the Talksport radio studios to do some live commentary on the Scotland games.


What do you think of Scotland’s chances this year?

I think they’re in a decent group which they should come out on top of. After that its anyone’s bet as it becomes straight knockout rugby.


Which teams (besides Scotland) are your ones to watch, and why?

There are a few teams which seem to be peaking at the right time for this World Cup. Both South Africa and Australia are coming out of tough periods and are performing well again. In the Northern Hemisphere — Ireland have been very good for a number of years now, and Wales have quietly been winning a lot in the background — so both are well worth keeping an eye on.

credit: Fotosport/David Gibson


 You played in the 2015 World Cup hosted in England, what was that experience like for you and what advice would you give to those who are competing for the first time?

It’s the biggest tournament you’ll ever participate in and it really felt like that for me as we were essentially on home ground. If it’s your first time at the tournament I’d say to try and take it all in. Enjoy the matches and the hype around it. It’s really one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.


 You’ve got two small boys. Are you going to get them involved in watching the Rugby World Cup? Have they started showing an interest in the game yet?

Josh is 4 and is throwing a rugby ball around all day already. He watches rugby for small periods but if there’s enough snacks he’ll stick around. Finn is only 1 and is only interested in the snacks.


What’s the proudest moment in your rugby career?

For me it was probably some of the memorable wins we had with Scotland at Murrayfield. I scored tries in both the games against France and Wales in the Six Nations a couple of years ago which ended the teams dry spells against both countries..


And what has been your biggest challenge?

Probably to stay fit and sharp for such a long time. I was lucky enough to play the game for 14 years professionally and it gets tougher and tougher the older you get.


You’ve been the face of two of our Big & Tall campaigns, do you have any style advice for bigger guys?

Keep it simple. Burton do great jeans so combine them with knitwear in the winter or t-shirts in the summer. No need to go crazy with accessories but a good watch always helps I think.


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