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We invited guest blogger John from The Everyday Man to come talk to us about a subject that’s close to our hearts and give us his hints and tips on grooming. It goes far beyond a shower and a shave lads! Read on…



“Right it’s 2013 and it is widely acceptable for us lad’s to take as much pride in our appearance as the female of the species.  Being confident in your exterior is easily achievable with a few simple grooming steps each day that will ensure that you remain looking good.  What is actually acceptable for men as far as grooming goes and what is a step just too far?  We have put together a quick guide to grooming for The Everyday Man to keep you looking your best.


A man’s hairstyle says a lot about him.  Keep it tidy and clean.  Don’t over style it or use too much product, a matte effect hair product will give you control and style but still appear natural.  Hair dye is for girls…if you are starting to go grey embrace it.  It’s one of those things that happens to us all and for the majority of men we actually suit it.  Think George Clooney – top of many a lady’s ‘wish lists’ and a silver fox all over.


Don’t touch them unless you to and are suffering from a monobrow or massive bushy monsters.  Everyone else leave them be.  There is nothing worse looking on a guy than overly pruned eyebrows.  If you are going to tackle them make sure you have a decent pair of tweezers never use a razor on your brows.


Use a daily face wash and exfoliate at least a couple of times a week.  This does not have to be an expensive or fancy brand of skincare; the high street type options do just as good a job.  Avoid using soap and water, this will dry out your skin and can also lead to premature ageing.  Moisturise daily, this will also help keep your skin looking younger and brighter.

Body Hair

The key to body hair is to keep it tidy.  A little is fine but too much or completely shaved are equally as bad as each other.  Make sure you trim your armpits but avoid shaving the hair off completely.  No one wants to see long curly hairs creeping out from your t-shirt sleeves so make sure you keep it tidy.  Shaving them will lead to itchy jaggy stubble when it begins to grow back and can cause ingrown hairs – ouch!  The same goes for your chest area, keep it trimmed and neat.  Unless you are an Olympic swimmer or similar then there really is no need for this.  You aren’t 8 years old and you should not look like it down there either, just keep it neat.  Excess hair down there can be a huge turn off for your partner too.  Manscaping a little bit may win you all sorts of extra rewards when it comes to playtime!  Do get rid of back, shoulders and shoulder hair.  Waxing is the quickest and most effective method of doing this; it is not as painful as your other half may have you believe either, trust me!


Wear a signature aftershave scent but do not over do it.  It’s good that people recognise you from a scent but it is not desirable to knock people out with the over bearing smell.

Of course all of this grooming boils down to personal choice, if you are happy with your current regime then that’s great, but if you are scared to grab the trimmers or don’t know where to start then it really is time you started improving your grooming routine.  Grab the bull by the horns and get going, summer is coming so there really is no better time to experiment.”



Thanks for that John – consider us told! Catch more from The Everyday Man at and on Twitter @Everyday_Man and Instagram @theeverydayman

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