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We’re taking steps towards reducing our environmental impact with our new eco collection of easy style updates featuring materials and processes that are better for the planet. Our goal is to make sustainable style simple, and we’re working with certified suppliers to expand our range each season. There’s plenty more to do, but we’re well on our way, and we’re inviting you to join us on our journey.

Choosing items from our eco collection is a great way to help reduce your environmental impact; another is to take better care of the clothes you already own. From conscious washing to reusing and recycling your clothes, here are a few easy ways to do your bit.


When it comes to washing…

Wash less.

Only worn it once? Most tops and trousers – and especially jeans – often only need to be aired before being worn again. So, save a little water and energy (and yourself the hassle) by getting some more wear out of your clothes before you wash them.

Always check the care label.

It’s there for a reason. From what temperature you should wash at to specialist instructions for ironing –follow the symbols to keep your clothes looking their best for longer.


Organic Blue T-Shirt With Stripes,  Organic Light Wash Skinny Jeans


Fill your washing machine just the right amount.

It may sound obvious, but we’re probably all guilty of over-cramming a load, only to find it’s not as clean as we’d hoped. On the flip-side, under-filling your machine can be just as bad, causing your clothes to rub together. The increased friction of a light load can cause shedding of microfibers from your clothes, which – you guessed it – end up polluting our oceans.

Let it dry the natural way.

You’ll use less energy, save money and reduce the amount of microfibers entering the environment and it’s better for your clothes too. Tumble-drying can shrink, rip and fade your threads making a clothes airer or washing line the better option, whichever way you look at it.

Organic Pink Oxford Shirt, Organic Mid Wash Slim Jeans


Pick liquids over powders.

When it comes to detergent, eco-friendly liquid detergents are best, but whichever one you choose, liquid is better than powder. Powders contain mineral abrasives which increase friction, causing fibres to break and shred which is worse for your clothes and the environment.

Wash at 30⁰ or make it ECO.

You may think hotter = cleaner but actually a 30⁰ wash leaves clothes just as clean, helps them last longer and uses up to 40% LESS energy. Even better, if you got an eco-wash option then hit that setting instead. Less water used and less time spent waiting for your spin to finish equals a win, win.


When it comes to your old clothes…

Organic White Oxford Shirt, Organic Rinse Wash Slim Fit Jeans

Each year 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill in the UK, which means unnecessary toxins, leachate and greenhouses gasses – not great for the planet. Instead of binning your old clothes here are some easy ways to extend the life of a garment.

Donate to a local charity shop in the UK, find a charity shop here.

Never worn it? Sell it on, or offer to a friend or family member who will wear it.

.Recycle at a clothes bank or recycling facility. Find a clothes bank here


Become part of the #BigClosetClearOut and give those forgotten items gathering dust and the back of your wardrobe a new lease of life. For more ways to recycle and upcycle the clothes you no longer wear and style it out sustainably, visit

Want to know more about our commitment to people and the planet? We’re part of the Arcadia Fashion Footprint programme – find out more at


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