Style Manual

The modern man’s guide to dressing well every day

After a new style for the new season? Here’s our run down of the coolest cuts on the block.

Long Hair

Following on from last year’s top knot trend, long hair is back in. If you can get past that half way, awkward mid length then props to you. Bask in the glory that your tousled mane will bring you. Product-wise, a light leave in conditioner will be your best friend for flyaways and split ends.

Messy Quiff


One of our favourite hair styles of the minute. It’s low maintenance, suits most hair types and face shapes and looks pretty damn cool. If you’re concerned about how I would look in a professional setting, just tame it with some smoothing balm. For a rugged weekend look use a texturizing clay.

The MopMop

This one is a hit with the ladies. It’ll give you a youthful, boyish charm. Think Hugh Grant in his prime with a splash of Brad Pitt and a little injection of urban grittiness from the modern take on this classic cut. Easy to maintain, use product with a very light hold and finish. Something to leave your lid looking smooth in an unpolished but polished way, if you get our drift?

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