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In case you hadn't noticed, summer is officially here, which means you'll be living in lightweight casual shirts, shorts, blazers and loafers or plimsolls.

When it comes to shoes, it's all about keeping your feet cool during the heatwave.  But what does that mean for useful and practical sock? Should you go sockless in summer? Here's our guide to wearing socks during the warmer months.

Why go without socks?

Put simply, it comes down to situation and style. Sure, ankle socks or even knee-high socks are a good idea if you're hiking in the Lake District. But when you want to look good in casual summer gear, going sockless is definitely the way forwards.

Just make sure you select the right shoes. Think boat shoes, loafers, plimsolls and flip flops. And don't forget, if you're teaming with chinos or chino shorts, stick to a slim, neat fit rather than a baggier version. slim fit chinos

Keep your feet cool

Wearing shoes without socks also comes with great responsibility. Invest in some talcum powder and odour spray - sprinkle some talc and use the spray in your shoes before wearing. This will keep your feet from getting sweaty and keep them odour free in the hot weather. If you’re someone who isn’t too sure about going barefoot, go for some invisible socks. You’ll get the same look and feel more comfortable.

When socks are a must

As indicated above, socks are always a good idea if you're planning a hike or outdoor adventure. You also need to wear them at formal occasions. Suit, tie, formal shoes and no socks? Yep, not a good look but that doesn't mean you can't be stylish. Simply choose the right pair of socks to make a big different to your look. There’s no need to stick to black, grey or white.

If you’re wearing an outfit that’s quite toned down and made up of neutral colours, don’t be afraid to go for bold coloured socks. Go for bright block colours to contrast with your suit or if you don’t want to stand out too much opt for a dark shade with a discreet pattern.

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