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Freshen up your wardrobe and keep the cold at bay in one of this season’s essentials – the short jacket. As seen at London Collections Men, this versatile piece proves its worth again and again as a go-to in changeable weather.

The modern jersey

Worn over shirts, roll necks or just a plain t-shirt, the short jacket is something you can wear now. Here are our pick of three classic styles to choose from:

The bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

The biker jacket

Timeless and stylish, the biker jacket will always be a popular choice as it never goes out of style. Not only is it incredibly useful as an extra layer, the biker jacket can also toughen up an outfit. But don’t let this connotation with the biker lead you into thinking it’s only suitable for when you’re off-duty. You can also team your biker jacket with a roll neck and black jeans (as seen in the photo above at London Collections Men) or wear it over a casual shirt with a pair of jeans.

The Harrington jacketHarrington Jacket
Made popular in the 1960s and heavily associated with the mod culture of the decade, the waist-length lightweight Harrington jacket is a classic that deserves a place in every man’s wardrobe. A great buy for spring, the Harrington offers an extra layer of warmth without the weight of its woollen counterparts. It’s the kind of jacket you can throw on over a cable knit jumper on colder days or a classic Oxford shirt, chinos and desert boots when you want to pull off a smarter, tailored look. And don’t forget, you can always keep it simple with a nod to the ultimate style icon James Dean’s character in Rebel Without A Cause in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots.

The denim jacket
Denim jacket
Seasonally versatile and stylish, once you buy a denim jacket you’ll never look back. This is mainly because it’s the perfect piece for layering. Team with jeans of a different colour and a jumper when it’s chilly. Alternatively, a well-fitted denim jacket works equally well as a layer in-between your coat and shirt (as seen above).  And as you head into spring/summer, you can always strip down to wearing your denim jacket with a shirt or t-shirt on a cooler summer evening.

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