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Raceday Grooming Guide

This Spring we’re teaming up with the male grooming specialists Mankind to give you everything you need to back yourself this racing season. Take a look at their guide below.

There are fewer better opportunities to spruce up and dress to impress than raceday. If you’re going to do it big, do it properly and get your grooming on point with help from the experts at Mankind.

Clean Cut

If you’re a fan of a clean cut and classic look, you should feel right at home at raceday. Learn how to get the perfect clean shave with either cartridge razors, or traditional safety razors, if you’re prone to getting razor burn. Make sure you use the right pre-shave treatment and after-shave care to achieve the smoothest shave possible and keep irritation to a minimum.

Hair slicked back

Don't let the side down and ensure you keep your hair neat to go with a clean shave. Try a brushed side-parting kept in place with a product offering a natural finish or get a slicked back look with pomade.

Artfully Natural

For a more casual, carefree look, pairing a little stubble and a textured, messy hairstyle with a suit can really elevate your appearance at raceday. The trick to pulling off this look is to use a little deception to make the unnatural come across as natural. Light facial hair can add definition to your jawline and enhance your features, but if you’re completely untamed it will only look sloppy. Get it right by creating shape with a beard trimmer.

Use a sea-salt spray in damp hair before drying it. This will add texture, grip, and volume, as well as intensifying the natural colour of your hair. Follow this up with a remouldable matte styling product for complete control over your look.

No such thing as overdressed

If you’re making a bold choice with your suit and want your style to truly stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a grooming setup to match. Create big hairstyles with as much volume and hold as you need by following these steps.

First, use a volumising tonic as a pre-styler. This binds to your hair at the roots, making your hair appear thicker and fuller, and allowing your styling products to hold better and for longer. Apply it to damp or wet hair before blow drying and brushing for added volume. A heat protection spray will prevent hair damage from heat treatment. Next, use a high hold styling product such as Hanz de Fuko Claymation to create the look you desire. This product in particular will allow you pull out all the stops with your hairstyle, but there are plenty of others available. Finally, set the style in place with hairspray. This will prevent your hair from drooping over the course of the day.

Man wearing check suit for the aces

The high-impact approach is definitely worth considering if you’re a man with abundant facial hair, but you’ve got to make sure it’s done correctly. One trick to keeping it looking great is to pay attention to your hair-to-beard ratio. But you should also make sure to keep it clean with a beard shampoo, brush it thoroughly, and use a beard oil to keep it soft, easy to style and smelling fantastic.

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