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Whether you’re part of the wedding party or attending as a guest, you need to ensure you make an effort. But when your diary's chock-a-block with these great occasions, how do you keep it looking fresh? You can always buy a new suit for each event which could be costly. Alternatively, follow our guide on how to wear one suit to three weddings.

Wedding check

Tip one: choose your colour

Firstly, you’ll need to find a suit that's pretty versatile. Grey, dark navy or blue are pretty safe bets. If you’re keen to go for a bolder look, why not choose a lighter shade of blue or Prince of Wales check. Find a suit that you feel comfortable in and to ensure you're confident throughout the day.

Tip two: find your fit

If you want to wear that suit again and again, you need to ensure it fits well. An ill-fitting suit will do you absolutely no favours. As a rule of thumb, leaner physiques tend to look good in skinny fit suits while tailored fit suits have more room around the shoulders and thighs. Why not take a look at our Suits Fit Guide to find your perfect fit?

Tip three: freshly pressed shirts

Nothing beats a freshly pressed white shirt but that doesn't mean you can't choose a variation in terms of fabric and style. If the wedding is abroad, you may want to consider a lightweight cotton or even print. Heading for a city wedding? A textured white shirt may switch up your style. Have a few formal shirts to choose between to instantly renew your wedding outfit.

Tip four: add the detail

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your outfit is to mix and match your accessories. Think tie and pocket square and go for a different shade or prints at each wedding. These key pieces stand out and will instantly refresh your look. You can also add a different tie pin, belt and set of cufflinks.  Socks add a flash of colour under your trousers and show attention to detail. Use your suit as a base to build a completely new outfit that suits the different wedding scene.

Tip five: fresh footwear

Lastly, think about refreshing your footwear. Every man should own a pair of brown and black smart shoes as these without a doubt will look great with any suit. Alternate between the two during each event – not forgetting to match your belt with your shoes - and you’ll step in looking confident from head to toe.


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