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Heading to a wedding this season? We talked to blogger Oh So Jack about prepping yourself for the big day and ensuring you look your best. 

Oh So Jack

Can you share 3 rules to ensure you’re impeccably dressed at a wedding?
• My first rule is to ensure you stick to a dress code if there’s one specified.
• My second rule is never dress too casually! It’s a wedding not an everyday get together.
• My third rule is that if you wear a suit, opt for a tailored/fitted suit as it will fit your body better and look slick and sophisticated.

Thinking of suits, what is your style of choice at weddings?
For me personally, I prefer to opt for a tailored/fitted suit when dressing for a wedding as it looks stylish, sophisticated and it fits well. I would tend to gravitate towards a three-piece suit when dressing for a wedding as I feel that they really match the formality of this kind of occasion.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a wedding, how do you ensure you’re comfortable all day?
I find that if the suit is form fitting that it is generally more comfortable. I also feel that if you’re happy in what you’re wearing you’re more likely to feel comfortable too.

Oh So Jack

How do you like to prep grooming-wise for the big day?
To make sure I’m wedding-ready, I start by shaving my face. This is then followed by a hot shower during which I will exfoliate my face to remove any dead/dry skin. These days I make sure to condition my hair for a silky sheen and moisturise so that my skin looks healthy. My hair is the last part of my grooming routine which is simply just moving it into place.

Which accessories do you think are essential when dressing for a wedding?
A tie/bow tie/cravat for one. They really dress up an outfit and can add finish to a suit. The other accessory that I feel is crucial is a pocket square. They add an extra detail to a suit and really finish to the look.

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