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Sun's out, shades on. Yes, it's time to invest in a new pair of sunglasses. Whether it's your summer holiday or to take advantage of the sunny weather in a beer garden, a decent pair of sunnies are an absolute must. And with a little bit of science, you can find shades to complement your style. Read on to find out how to find sunglasses to suit your face shape.

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Which face shape are you?

The perfect fit comes down to your face shape. So before we get down to finding new shades for this season, take a look in the mirror to see whether you have a heart, square, oval or round face shape.

Now you know your face shape, take a look at the suggestions below to find shades to see you through this season and the next.


Heart shape


If you have a heart shaped face - wider at the hairline and thinner at the jaw - then you can pull off a pair of retro-style sunglasses. Small, with a neat frame and fairly rectangular, the angles are softened slightly so they're not as harsh-looking as some frames. And help to balance out a more pointed chin. Keep up the retro feel and wear with a neat polo or Oxford shirt, simple chinos and boat shoes or loafers.

Oval shape


Lucky you. Any sunglasses will technically suit your face so it's all down to your personal preference. Why not try a pair of flat brow sunglasses? Classic, subtle and not too 'shouty', these have just about the right level of detailing that makes them a cut above.

Square shape


When you have a strong jaw line and wide cheekbones nothing beats a pair of aviator-style frames. In fact, anything soft and rounded works to counteract your angular face shape. Large, masculine features can work extremely well with bigger frames. Steer clear of choosing a frame too large as it will overwhelm finer features.

Round shape


If you've got fuller cheeks and a softer all-over shape then a wayfarer style could work for you. Choose a pair that extend out just slightly wider than your face to elongate it slightly and give the illusion that your temples are higher too.

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