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You've probably come across the term "smart casual" several times before. But what does is actually mean? More importantly, how can you master the smart casual dress code this season?

Smart casual blazer

Sometimes you want to look good without having to wear a suit. There's also nothing wrong in wearing your joggers and a casual t-shirt but certain occasions can call for a smarter style. This is where smart casual comes in. It's that happy medium between looking and feeling over or under dressed. And the key to mastering this tricky dress code is to pull together the perfect smart casual wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. Here's how:

Stick to lightweight layers

If you want to know how to layer your clothing in the winter months, take a look at our Scandinavian cousins for inspiration. They stick to lightweight pieces that are perfect for building an outfit when the temperature dips. Think a plain white t-shirt under a long-sleeve shirt. You can then add another layer such as a Harrington jacket to look effortlessly cool.

And timeless (not dated) pieces

Long sleeve polo shirt

When it comes to mastering smart-casual, choose simple, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. A stylish blazer that you can pull out of the wardrobe again and again.  Chinos and a long-sleeve polo is an easy outfit to throw together. Your trusty pair of dark denim jeans work equally well with a plain t-shirt or crew neck jumper. The classic Oxford shirt...all these items are core wardrobe staples that you know work well together.

Lower the tone

While you may be tempted to go bright (and there's nothing wrong in that), a neutral colour palette is extremely flexible and lends itself well to creating a smart casual look in the autumn/winter months.

Think minimal

When it comes to mastering smart casual, stick to the mantra that less is more. As with the colour palette, plain block colours can look more sophisticated than patterns. While a patterned sweatshirt may be too street to fit into the smart casual category, a plain sweatshirt can slot in quite nicely. You can also easily layer up a sweatshirt under a blazer (or even with a suit). Make the outfit more appropriate through accessories such as a watch, belt or scarf.

Consider the occasion

Crew neck jumper

The smart casual dress code covers everything from a wedding to a Sunday lunch, so it's worth thinking about the occasion before you dive into the wardrobe. A smart shirt, blazer and chinos works well at a summer wedding while a casual shirt and dark denim jeans is a more preferable outfit for say a Sunday lunch at the weekend. Dress down Friday? Try a shirt under a crew neck jumper with dark jeans.

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