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Heading on holiday this summer? We caught up with the fashion blogger, That Dapper Chap, who recently visited Marrakech to find out his top tips on how to look good on holiday.

That Dapper Chap

1. Name three things on your packing list for your holiday to Marrakech 

I’ve wanted to sample the sights and sounds of Marrakech for a few years now and when I imagine myself there I see myself roaming the markets in a panama hat and a light coloured suit, like the quintessential Englishman abroad. So, those are two items already in my case! The other thing is the perfect pair of linen shorts which Burton have kindly supplied me with. They’re very versatile and can be worn with a simple white t-shirt during the day and then dressed up in the evening with a shirt and blazer. When packing a cabin bag you have to consider carefully what to pack and plan different looks with just a few select pieces.

2. When the temperature rises, how do you ensure you always look smart?

That Dapper Chap

There’s nothing smarter than a crisp white shirt. The Burton Slim fit white long sleeved shirt is great. It has a bit of stretch to it so it travels well. It’s a very light material too so it’s going to keep you cool and it’s endless versatile. Roll up the sleeves and open a couple of buttons at the neck during the day and throw on a pair of shorts. In the evening wear the sleeves down add a blazer.

3. Besides your passport, ticket, phone and house keys, what else do you always pack when travelling?

A good book. I’m really into Michael Connelly right now and I’m working through the Bosch series. The plotlines never cease to get me hooked and his characters have a great depth. I now class Bosch as one of my friends. It’s great for passing time in the airport, one the plane and on that sunbed while catching those rays.

4. How do you stay well-groomed when away from home?

That Dapper Chap

Buy minis! In most big chemists you’ll find mini versions of your favorite products. Great for shower gels and deodorant sprays and hair products too. If I have a favorite product that I can’t find in a mini, just buy a set of plastic travel bottles or tubs (again in most big chemists, Wilkinsons and even Poundland) and simple decant your products into them. Easy

5. What are you most looking forward to about Marrakech?

The change in culture. I’ve been to Egypt, sailed the Nile and stayed in Luxor and been three times to Tunisia, and I really enjoy that complete change in lifestyle and culture. The heat is very much welcome too. I can’t wait to visit the markets and smell the spices and immerse myself in the ambience, in my panama hat of course!


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