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Denim jeans

RAW- Denim fabric in its unwashed, unfinished state received from the mill by the factory.
RIGID DENIM – Rigid denim has absolutely no stretch, it’s fairly stiff and durable. It’s favoured as it ages well, showing the gradual wear and tear, wrinkling at the backs of the knees and slowly looking more worn for an authentic look.
RIGHT HAND TWILL - A right hand twill is when lines run upwards towards the right on the front of the fabric. This is the most common type of twill found in denim.
RING SPUN YARN - This is the most popular yarn type and there are several stages in the production of ring spun yarn. The yarn is blended (combined with other yarn), carded (cleaning by combing) and drawn out (pulled) and made thinner to produce a uniform yarn. The final stage is ring spinning where the yarn is wound round
RIVET - These are often found on 5 pocket jean styles and are sued as a styling detail and to reinforce the pocket so the seam doesn’t rip on high stress areas.
SANFORIZATION – also knows as pre-shrinking, this involves stretching out the fabric before it is washed, which helps stop your jeans shrinking when you wash them at home. The most you’ll lose on a pre-shrunk pair is 3%!Jean crop
SELVEDGE – derived from self-edge, this keeps the fabric from unraveling or fraying. It’s essentially using the whole width of the denim fabric from the loom with no waste. It traditionally meant for a hard-wearing pair of jeans, and so became synonymous with quality. Check out the picture of the selvedge seam on the turn up of our jeans below.SINGEING – The process of tidying up loose threads by running the fabric over a gas flame so that stray fibres are burnt off.
STAY DARK – A new denim innovation which means that jeans will not fade as quickly, usually guaranteed for up to 30 washes!
STRETCH DENIM - We have introduced a stretch blend in to our range, the addition of stretch gives you a more comfortable fit, and are perfect for our skinny styles. This is normally comprised of 98% cotton and 2% elastane in men’s denim. The reason we have added this in to the range is because it offers the customer a slimmer silhouette and creates better comfort, allowing the jeans moves with you.
TINTING - This is a process either localised or during the wash process. It creates a slight tint to the garment. This can be Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Red or yellow. We commonly use green or yellow to create a lived in appearance.
TWILL - A twill is used to describe a weave that repeats on three or more ends and picks and produces distinctive diagonal lines on the face of the fabric.
WAISTBAND - This is the band of fabric at the top of the jean. The size is changed for the different waist sizes.
WHISKERING - See Atari above.
YOKE - V-shaped section at the back of jeans, also known as a ‘riser’, which gives curve to the seat. The deeper the V of the yoke, the greater the curve.

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