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T-shirt guide

The t-shirt. A must-have item for every man. From crew to v-neck, you’re bound to have a variety of t-shirts in your arsenal. It may be relegated to your weekend wardrobe, but this piece of kit can actually suit any (yes, any) occasion. You might have a few go-to t-shirt looks stored away, but we know once the sun comes out any style know-how is replaced with that all-too-familiar ‘what to wear’ panic... If you’re still struggling for hot-weather outfit ideas, don't worry as we’re on hand to help! Read on for our guide on how to wear a t-shirt in summer:

How to Wear a T-Shirt in Summer: Casual

T-shirt and jeans? There’s no room for error here, as this classic combination has been tried-and-tested. Keep the look simple with a plain white tee or inject a little personality with a fun graphic design. Off on your hols? A bold tropical print will be just the thing. Don’t forget about the shades either. Pick a retro aviator for serious summer vibes.

How to Wear a T-Shirt in Summer: Smart Casual

If you’re looking for something a little smarter, switch up your jeans for chinos. The pinnacle of smart-casual, a well-fitted pair of chinos can nicely veer between the office and nights out. Feeling the summer breeze? Layer up with a blazer for work or bomber for the weekend, then slip into a pair of loafers to complete the outfit from t-shirt to toe.

How to Wear a T-Shirt in Summer: Smart

Want to really test the versatility of the humble t-shirt? Just try teaming it with a suit. Forget about distracting designs and opt for a classic stripe to make it a smarter affair. Or you can even choose a t-shirt in the same shade as the 2-piece for an on-trend tonal look. When it comes to fit, both items should be kept close to the body as a slim silhouette will always create a polished appearance... Even in a t-shirt.

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