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Spring is in full swing and, with a little more time at home on our hands, so is the opportunity to cut out the clutter. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve pulled together some simple steps on how to clean up your wardrobe.

Out with the old

Do you really need five versions of the same black shirt? When was the last time you wore that purple velvet jacket? If you’re struggling to come up with a straight answer, put aside ready to donate to your local charity once lockdown is lifted – they’ll need our support more than ever. Also get rid of anything that doesn’t suit you or you’ve grown out of (both in size and maturity). Ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion, via Zoom if you need to. And don’t forget to replace your old undies with fresh new underwear and socks.

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Hold back on the winter gear

While you may be tempted to pack away ALL your jumpers and coats, put two jumpers and one heavier coat aside just in case the temperatures drop.


Think space-saving solutions

As for the rest of your winter gear, there’s really no point in clogging up your closet. Wash any bulky items such as jumpers and store winter coats, making a note to dry-clean them once we’re able to. Then use large resealable storage bags to pack them away in a cool, dark space such as under the bed. This will help you in terms of actually being able to see your spring wardrobe, organise your shirts, chinos and polos for the week (we’re all getting bored of loungewear, right?). You’ll also be more in tune with the season as the weather warms up.

Sort out your suits

Even if you don’t wear one on a daily basis, chances are you’ll need a suit at some point over the summer months. Prep yourself early and take your formalwear including a formal white shirt to the dry cleaners. Also remember to try on your suit and shirt to see if any adjustments need to be made so you’re not caught short should the occasion arise.

Get your footwear in order

As with your wardrobe, get rid of any tatty footwear that’s seen better days and clean up any salvageable shoes such as trainers that got dirty at the weekend. Polish up your smart shoes to ensure they’re sharp. If you don’t have any already, invest in a good all-rounder such as desert boots.

Rotate your essentials

Winter may mean chunky knits and heavyweight coats but there are plenty of other items such as shirts and jeans which can be worn throughout the year. Keep this in mind in spring/summer. After all, who says you can’t team a smart mid-gauge jumper with a pair of chino shorts? Or a grey sweatshirt with fresh denim for Spring.

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