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One minute you are happily heading out in shorts and t-shirt basking in the sunshine, the next you’re shivering in the pub garden wishing you’d brought a jumper. While we can't predict whether it will rain or shine, what we can do is help you prep for changeable weather.


Here's how to ensure you’re properly kitted out for any sudden changes in the temperature and have all the right gear when you leave the house in the morning.

1. Don’t be a risk taker

When it comes to the weather, play it safe and check the forecast in the morning before you leave the house. If there's a likelihood of a downpour, grab a lightweight jacket and umbrella. Mini heatwave on the cards? Make sure you're wearing smart layers that you can peel off. Be adaptable to the weather and prep for all eventualities. We're talking rain, sunshine, hail and sleet - essentially, four seasons in one day.

2. Pack a spare

If you know you’re going to be spending time on the tube or commuting into work on a hot and stuffy train, pack a spare shirt or t-shirt to change into. This will help you avoid those awkward sweat patches and also mean you’ll feel fresher and confident throughout the day. To keep your shirt crease-free, try shirt shuttle - a great tool that slips into your commuter bag or rucksack.

3. Think light and easy

When the temperature can vary anything between 10 to 25 degrees, a thick chunky knit over a thin tee simply will not cut it. Be strategic and layer a shirt over your t-shirt instead. A denim, linen or check shirt can be a workable alternative to a jacket and add that extra layer of warmth. Try alternating a waistcoat with your suit jacket or blazer.

Short sleeve shirt

Knitwear can also play an important role but choose fine, thin jumpers that you can throw over a shirt when there's a nip in the air. Or choose one of this season's knitted polos. Keep it light and more importantly easy so you can strip off or cover up depending on the weather.

4. Be wary of denim

Denim may be a staple but it’s a real pain to dry if you’ve been soaked in a downpour and can pong of wet dog. When the sky looks grey and you know the heavens are going to open, choose an alternative trouser such as chinos.

5. Go lightweight with your jacket

Lightweight blazer

It's muggy outside so you're best off leaving your wool coat in the back of the wardrobe. Choose a lightweight jacket such as a bomber, mac or trench with a water resistant layer. This will act as an extra layer against the wind and also protect you on rainy days.

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