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Packing for your summer holiday needn’t be an ordeal. We’ve managed to condense ours into a hand luggage sized bag for a 7-day holiday and here’s how to pack for a week abroad:

How to Pack for a Week Abroad: At the Airport

How to Pack for a Week Abroad

For all the time you’ll spend there, it’s important to pick the right outfit for the airport. Comfort is king, so opt for a cotton t-shirt or polo and jersey shorts or joggers. It may be summer but layering up with a hoodie is always a sensible choice for air conditioned terminals and planes.

Don’t forget to have your sunglasses on you – the sun may not be out in ol' Blightly, but you need to be prepared for when you land.

Top tip: Maximise on packing space and re-wear your airport outfit. Team the t-shirt with swimmers for the beach and re-wearing your shorts when sightseeing.

How to Pack for a Week Abroad: On the Beach

When it comes to your top half, a t-shirt will last a max of 2 days by the pool or beach before it gets saturated with salt, sand and sun cream. With this in mind, if you wear a t-shirt for a nice dinner out, re-use it for the next day or two on the beach as it will still be pretty fresh.

Stick to the classics with your swimwear with plain-coloured trunks, or make a splash (pun, intended) in a printed pair.

And of course, remember the essentials like sunscreen and a towel.

Top tip: Remember to hang your beach towel each evening to keep it as dry and clean as possible.

How to Pack for a Week Abroad: Day to Night

How to Pack for a Week Abroad: Day to Night

Whether you choose chino and denim, a pair of practical shorts will be your sightseeing saviour. Create a range of daytime-apt looks by sticking to an easy-to-wear colour (think khaki or navy) on the bottom half.

A few smart-casual shirts are also key for when you head out in the evenings. Achieve effortless styling with a classic white shirt or go on-trend with open Cuban collars. And hey, you’re on holiday – so bring on the prints.

Top tip: Choose a plimsoll or espadrille as your main shoe, not just to help you pack light but take you from day to night with ease.

How to Pack for a Week Abroad: The Checklist

Here’s the definite checklist for what you’ll need to pack for a week abroad:

For the beach or pool: beach towel , swimming shorts x2
Your holiday wardrobe: denim/chino shirts x2, plain t-shirts x2, plain vests x2, printed t-shirt, printed shirts x2, underwear x 6, socks x 4
Shoes: flip flops, plimsoll/espadrilles
Accessories: backpack, hat, belt
Wash bag (containing: soap, deodorant, a razor, moisturiser with SPF, hair gel)
Essentials: sun cream, bug spray

There you go, an easy guide to packing light for a summer holiday. You’ll not be short of stylish combos throughout the week, just remember not to blast through every item in the first couple of days. It’s super easy to mix and match and be economical on your baggage limit without compromising on style.

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