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You've taken the time to select that winter coat, pair of durable but smart boots and a warm chunky knit jumper. So it's hardly surprising that you want to get a lot of wear from your wardrobe. But that doesn't mean it has to look worn. With a bit of TLC and the right equipment, you can breathe new life into your favourite pieces of clothing and stop them from turning from smart to scruffy. Here's how to look after your clothing:

Brush your suits

Men's suit

If you wear suits on a regular basis then get into the habit of brushing them using a decent clothes' brush on a daily basis. This will help remove food and dirt before it settles into the fabric, making it harder to remove later on. Leave it to air out and it'll be good to wear 24 hours later. You'll also cut down on the amount of times you have to take your suit to the dry cleaners, which can turn your suit shiny.

Learn how to iron

Let's face it, a well-pressed shirt smartens up your look instantly. What's more, it will ensure your clothing hangs properly, the collar of your shirt sits properly and cuffs are in place. Show you care about the detail and use a good steam iron to carefully press your shirt in this order: collar, cuffs, front, back and sleeves. Then hang and put it in your wardrobe. Make sure you check the washing instructions and adjust the heat settings of the iron. A quick tip to help remove creases before you iron is to hang the shirt on a hanger to dry.

Take care of your knitwear

Woolly jumper

From moths to mildew, your favourite knits can easily fall into disrepair if you don't look after it. Firstly, pay attention to how you store your jumpers and knits - never hang up as the weight of the wall will pull it out of shape. Instead fold up your jumpers. Secondly, wash according to the instructions. You can machine wash knits but keep the temperature at 30 and on the hand wash setting. Or hand wash but don't wring it out and dry flat. Wash dark colours separately and finally, de-bobble your jumper using a lint remover.

Fix it fast

Don't wait until that button falls off or the seam breaks, make those repairs as soon as they appear or you'll have a much bigger job on your hands. If your trousers are too tight, have them taken out a bit. Too long? Get the hem taken up. This will not only make your clothes last longer but also make you feel more confident because they fit and feel better when you're wearing them.

Polish up

You never see a premier footballer hit the pitch in clogged up football boots or a sharply dressed man in scuffed shoes. Why? Because they want to look and feel their best at all times. Take pride in your appearance and polish your shoes regularly. A lot can be said about a man's shoes so make sure your footwear is having the right impact. Invest in a decent shoe brush, polish, shine brush and soft cloth. Then wipe off the dirt using a damp cloth, apply polish using the shoe brush, buff it up using the shine brush, then take the soft cloth, dip in a little water until damp add a little polish and gently shine your shoes.

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