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From sticking them in the freezer to wearing them in the bath, it seems every denim devotee has their own tip and advice about caring for jeans. And let’s face it, some of them can be a little bit eyebrow-raising. So to help you sift the wheat from the chaff, we bring you the ultimate guide on how to care for your denim.

Always read the label

Find the label inside your jeans and read before laundering. It may have one or several of the care instruction symbols below. Here’s what they actually mean (from left to right):


  • 40 degree single bar
  • Do not use bleach
  • One dot tumble dry
  • 3 dot iron
  • Do not dry clean

There may also be additional care instructions. Take note and remember to look out for messages such as:

  • Wash deep colours together
  • Turn inside out before cleaning
  • Do not rub isolated stains
  • Remove belt before cleaning if applicable.

Turn your jeans inside out pre-wash

To keep your jeans looking fresh for longer. This helps to cut down on friction created during the wash cycle and prevents fade of the denim.

Don’t overload your washer

Limit the number of jeans in the washer to 3-4 pairs as a maximum, depending on size so that they aren’t packed too tightly. Denim is heavy and too many jeans in the machine at one time can reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning process so use other lighter weight dark clothing items to fill the remainder of the washing machine.

Be mindful of style

If your jeans have a lot of destruction like holes and grinding, you may want to wash on the delicate cycle to prevent the holes from expanding.

Wash before you wear

Really dark denim may need to be washed prior to wearing so that the indigo dye doesn’t rub off on you or your other clothing. Often, these jeans have a label recommending that they should be washed first so check the label on your new jeans and follow instructions as required.

Try a specialised detergent

Some companies are now making detergent specifically for darker colours which might be helpful when washing your dark denim.

Hang dry your denim

To avoid unwanted wrinkles, remove promptly from the washing machine. Turn the jeans right side out. Zip and button jeans and then hang with a two clip pant hanger clasping the waist. To prevent extra wear and tear, try and avoid throwing them in the dryer, although our jeans are designed to be tumble dried for convenience. Instead hang to dry them outside if possible.

As for the freezer…

Some people swear by the fact that if you have bought raw denim and don’t wish to wash them, you can put your jeans in the freezer overnight to remove any smells. Let us know if you have tried it and it works for you.

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