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Resolutions fallen by the wayside? Jump back on the wagon with all the kit you need to get moving. From reflective jackets for running outdoors to soft sweaters to cool down in, we teamed up with a couple of guys who enjoy a good workout. Here's how to train whenever, wherever in a new collection of performance and activewear: #HIITSportswear.

At the gym

Go for: Tee with shorts and running tights
Why: Tee is lightweight, breathable and quick dry to regulate your body temperature. While the lightweight shorts and running tights are a comfortable combination to move in whether you're lifting weights or hitting the treadmill.
As seen on: Man-about-town @rowanrow

Influencer (c) @rowanrow
Influencer (c) @rowanrow
Influencer (c) @sulsworld
Influencer (c) @sulsworld

To hit your threshold

Go for: Lightweight tee and shorts
Why: Both the shorts and tee come with mesh panelling and a secure zip pocket for your keys and coins to keep you cool and comfortable when you up the tempo and hit your threshold.
As seen on: Running fan @sulsworld


So you're on the ball

Go for: Tee and shorts (running tights optional)
Why: Whether it's drills or a home match, you want to move with ease. Hone your skills in a quick dry and lightweight technical tee and shorts. You may not score every time but you'll always be suitably dressed for all-weathers.
As seen on: Freestyle footballer @joshsandersfs

Influencer (c) @joshsanderesfs
Influencer (c) @joshsanderesfs

All-weather running

Go for: Lightweight jacket
Why: Designed with a hood and secure pocket, a quick dry, lightweight jacket will keep the wind chill at bay. If you're heading out after dark, protect yourself further and be seen in the reflective version.
As seen on: Fitness, travel and style vlogger @JoeyLondonStyle

Pre- and post-workout

Go for: Sweatshirt and joggers
Why: Keep your muscles warm before and after your workout in comfy, cotton-rich sweats. Whether you're heading to the gym or at home, a sweatshirt and joggers are ideal to relax in after pushing yourself to the limits.
As seen on: Man-about-town @CharlieIrons

Influencer (c) @CharlieIrons
Influencer (c) @CharlieIrons

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