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We caught up with our favourite DJ, presenter, photographer, model and all round good guy Reggie Yates on his next campaign with Burton for High Summer 2013…


Great British Style Featuring Reggie Yates

Mood board for inspiration for the Reggie High Summer Photo Shoot


How was it stepping back in to the role as the face of Burton?

Stepping back into the role as the face of Burton is pretty awesome. It was also a bit of a shock last time – having my mum call me up really excited seeing my face in shop windows, but this time it’s pretty cool. It’s nice because essentially it’s the same team and the clothes are great and I’m looking forward to wearing it when it is really sunny as opposed to freezing!

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Definitely the things that stand out for me are the things that I tend to buy and the things that I tend to wear which are in this case definitely the vests – I live in those when it’s hot and my nickname from my mates from all the holidays that we go on over the summer is ‘two vests’ because I always layer my vests. They always call me ‘two vests’ so the fact that we’re shooting in two vests is fantastic and there’s a couple of prints that I love like the paisley and the birds, they look fantastic so I can’t wait to wear them in the sunshine and be ‘two vests’ in Burton.

Why the love of vests – do you like to unleash the guns?

The thing is I wouldn’t exactly say that I’ve got a gun show but I am definitely better in the arm region than I have been in previous summers so I’m looking forward to being Mr Two Vests when the sun is out.


Great British Style Featuring Reggie Yates

Reggie getting his BMX on in one of the High Summer vests


How would you describe British style?

I think that British style is definitely eclectic because in the UK we’ve got so many amazing influences, all you have to do is look at what’s happening in music and high fashion around the world and a lot of it now comes from street style. I think street style in the UK is particularly interesting as we mix so many different eras, so many different styles and it kind of works. Obviously we’ve got that incredible history of Savile Row tailoring and suiting, mixed in with amazing street culture like punk and all the other things that have happened here in the UK like Ska so all of those things thrown into one pot makes British style amazing as it is.

How would you describe your own style?

I think my style has definitely developed over the years to being what it is now – for a long period of time I had no idea what I was doing and I’d just wear stupid Nintendo belts and loads of really bad things that I thought sort of worked. The older you get though the more you start to understand what looks good on you and you become more confident in your own skin and I think I’m at that place now where I know what works and I know which of my bits are a bit of a weird shape and how to hide them and how to look better. You know it takes time to understand what works for you… I think if I were to describe my style it would definitely be eclectic and it would always be comfort first.

What would you say are the wardrobe essentials that every guy should own?

The key items that every man should own is one really good suit, particularly in black, you have to have one fantastic suit that fits you well that’s cut beautifully. A small selection of t-shirts that work really well and suit your body shape and denim is really important as well. Finding a denim that works for you and something that you can wear comfortably is without a doubt important.


Great British Style Featuring Reggie Yates

Reggie getting fitted by the lovely Patrick for his suit


Are you a bit of a bargain hunter? Do you like spotting a steal?

Anyone that is in to clothes loves the idea of paying less than you probably should for something nice so I am definitely a bargain hunter. If there’s a sale on, if there’s a new sort of vintage shop that people are raving about I’ll hunt it out, there’s nothing better than finding something that you love that you know no one else can have. I find bargains in vintage more than anything else as no matter how much your friends or even your family love something that can’t get it which is great!

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought… I bought a bunch of shoes from quite an expensive shop at one point and they were quite a limited run, Louis Vuitton – I can’t say Vuitton can I if I’m the face of Burton?! Yeah I bought Vuitton shoes how about that? I bought four pairs of them – they’re too expensive!


Great British Style Featuring Reggie Yates

Reggie getting prepped for our interview


Have you ever refused to wear something for a job or has anyone tried to make you wear something silly?

When I am doing big shows now like The Voice or I’m at an awards show or something I work with my stylist – my stylist is actually my brother and the brilliant thing about that relationship is we are family so we work together and we’ll disagree on stuff all the time but we always end up at the right place. He might be adamant that I have to wear a pair of trousers or wear a shirt and I’ll be swearing that he’s wrong and I will put it on and it will look really right, which is really annoying! described you as ‘fashion Obama’ – what was all that about? started calling me fashion Obama in the corridor one day at The Voice and it just made its way on to the actual show itself – I think its because I’ve got big ears and so has Obama?! And I’m into clothes… so he put them together and created fashion Obama… I don’t know – there’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to but for whatever reason it works!

What do you think of his style?

I think’s style is very you know – he lives on his own planet so he can wear a pair of studded fingerless leather gloves with a jacket with his face on the back and no one is going to back an eyelid because its – do you know what I mean?! He’s got a gold hairclip in, a step in his high top and a pair of studded Louboutin trainers – he should look ridiculous but he just looks like a superstar from Venus because he’s you know?!

In your opinion who is the best dressed celebrity?

There are a couple of guys that always seems to get it right. I think Ryan Gosling at the moment just never gets it wrong. He is a very well dressed man. I think since David Beckham started working with Nick Wooster he’s got it right. Nick Wooster is someone that I look at and I think is incredible so… He’s the guy that is actually styling him now and gave him and the weird sort of handle bar and the hairstyle and everything but I think Beckham has completely got it right with that sort of look. Yeah I love what he is doing.


Great British Style Featuring Reggie Yates

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Interview Credit: Celebs On Sunday @celebsonsunday

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