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Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean you should stop hanging out with your special someone for another 12 months. There are plenty of dating opportunities in-between from birthdays to ‘just because it’s Saturday’, but if you’re always going out to your local Indian restaurant for date night your other half might start pining for something (or someone) else. Not to worry, we have the solution – here are a few fun, easy and unique summer date ideas, guaranteed to give you something to talk about for months.

Summer Date Ideas: For Culture Lovers

 Summer Date Ideas: For Culture Lovers

Half Day Photography Class

Want to improve your Instagram feeds? Get those creative juices flowing and take up a photography class together. Find out camera know-how from a professional and wow your partner with your artfully-taken shots. Learning a new skill is a perfect way to bond, which makes for a great date idea for blossoming relationships.

Half Day Cookery Masterclass

Unless you’re perfect already (you might be) you could probably use a bit of tutelage before attempting a romantic meal at home. Grab your other half and head down to the Smart School of Cookery for a fun half day of food, with your choice of foodie theme to make the day that’s right for you.

Introductory Dance Experience for Two

Don’t worry if you’ve got two left feet, as you can remedy the dad dancing at a dance class for two. From the romantic Ballroom to the sensual moves of Latin and Salsa, a dance experience will make for a memorable date. Or if you’re already got the moves, you can showcase your talents and impress the socks off your special someone.


Summer Date Ideas: For Outdoor Lovers

 Summer Date Ideas: For Outdoor Lovers 

Falconry Taster for Two

Prove yourself a master of the animal kingdom and spend some time together handling some ancestors of the dinosaurs. Keep calling them raptors to wow your other half with your eagle knowledge (don’t do this), make friends with a falcon or two and take some quality eagle selfies. Even if your date doesn’t love it, your Instagram and Twitter followers will.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two

If you’re scared of heights then best to give this one amiss, as you’ll be heading up, up, up and away! Cosy up against your date and take in beautiful panoramic views spanning across miles and miles. One for early risers, as this experience will take place during sunset – which will only make it that extra bit special.

Dark Sky Stargazing for Two

There isn’t anything more romantic than looking up at a night’s sky… Gaze into each others eyes, and at the stars, for an unforgettable evening. Marvel at breath-taking constellations and find out everything you wanted to know (is the answer to the universe really 42?) with an astronomer on hand to answer questions throughout.


Summer Date Ideas: For Adventure Lovers

 Summer Date Ideas: For Adventure Lovers

Scuba Diving for Two

We thought about shark diving, but the added variety of locations here won out. Dive down to a maximum of 20 feet together in the safety of a swimming pool and practice your buddy signals. You probably won’t get to try any underwater snogging, but that’s probably for the best when you need all that pesky oxygen to breathe.

Sea Kayaking

Be honest – would you ever take a first date kayaking? We wouldn’t either, but if you’ve been together for a while then this is a great one to share with your friends to get them all jealous of your super exciting partnership. Tour the coast or Regents Canal in London and see the world from atop the water for a change, but make sure you’re prepared to get wet.

Paintballing for Two

What better way to show your love than shooting each other in the back with paintballs? Alternatively you can team up and show all those screaming 14 year old kids why adults are the best. With many locations across the UK to choose from, you’ll never run the risk of ever meeting your opponents again.

Looking for something even more unique? Think a zombie survival experience or bushcraft weekend and channel your inner Bear Grylls! Whatever you and your date are into, there’s plenty of fun dating options out there for summer. So, get planning!


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