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A first date can be exciting and scary at the same time. To shake off the first date jitters, we’ve teamed up with the dating experts at Match to bring you the best tips to ensure a smooth first date.

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Follow these simple tips to help you secure that all important second date…

DO re-read her online dating profile before you meet up (if you met online). It’s a great way to refresh your memory on her hobbies, likes and dislikes. Remember her favourite books and films, and be sure to mention anything you have in common: shared interests are a valuable part of building attraction.

DON’T make her choose the meeting place. You miss out on the opportunity to earn bonus points by picking a really cool venue. Don’t know any cool bars? Google it, or ask your most sociable friends. Just remember to take her location, likes and schedule into consideration. To make your job easier, we’ve got loads of restaurant recommendations to impress your date.

DO ensure you’re on time. Punctuality is thoughtful, and it impresses women. Use a travel app to plan your journey beforehand, and arrange to meet your date outside the venue. That way, she avoids the dreaded walk of terror into a crowded room.

DO ensure you smell amazing. Aftershaves with Ylang Ylang and sandalwood are perfect choices, as both scents are shown to raise the libido. Spray some onto your jacket too, if it’s a cold night: when you lend her your coat, she’ll get an extra blast of your signature scent.

DON’T forget to book a table at the restaurant, or reserve a seat at the bar. It shows you’re a man of action and used to being out on dates, both of which are sexy qualities. Trudging up and down the road in killer heels looking for a venue will kill even the most easy-going woman’s attraction.

DO hit the gym or go for a run before your date. Exercise calms first-date nerves (by releasing endorphins), and increases your muscles. Work on your shoulders when you’re lifting weights; increasing your upper-body will naturally give you the inverted V silhouette that does strange things to women…

DON’T order carb-heavy food like pasta or potatoes on dinner dates. They’re hard to digest, meaning you’ll be sleepy by 11pm. Try low-GI foods that release energy slowly, like salad and fish.

DO be polite to everyone, from taxi drivers to the waiting staff. A recent survey by proved that “rudeness” is the number-one turn off among women on first dates. Turn on the charm. Discover more women turn offs, to avoid rejection.

DON’T mention your ex. It’s a no-win situation: if you’re mean about your previous partners, your date will assume you’ll be mean about them someday. But if you’re too nice, your date will assume you’re still keen. Avoid the subject. If she asks you, just say, “It didn’t work out.”

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