Style Manual

The modern man’s guide to dressing well every day

Looking good needn't be a science. All it takes is a few adjustments to win big. So to ensure you make the grade effortlessly, we've pulled together a few tips on how to dress well without trying.


The right fit

Nothing lets the side down more than ill-fitting clothing. That baggy, sack-of-potatoes look went out at the turn of the century. When it comes to making a casually cool impression, find the right fit for your body shape. From skinny, slim and tailored suits or denim to big and tall sizing and a selection of muscle fit items, there's really no excuse. Ensure you're well-dressed in clothing that looks like it's made for you.

Simply stylish

Forget clashing colours and multiple prints, the key to effortless style lies in keeping it simple. That means a clean colour palette and sticking to things that work well together. Think white t-shirt and classic blue jeans or a plain grey sweatshirt and slim chinos. Why complicate it when a grey shirt worn untucked with grey wash jeans works?

In print

That's not to say you can't add print or patterns into the mix. Just stick to the top half or be subtle about it. You can go bold with a print short sleeve shirt teamed with a pair of chinos and white trainers. When it comes to suiting, a Prince of Wales check or subtle grey check look smart worn with a shirt and tie or turtle neck.

Print shirt

Sharpen up

Sharpen up your act by making sure your clothes are looked after and presentable. This means clean, crease and crumple-free. A well-pressed shirt will instantly smarten up a suit and also make you feel more confident. And remember sometimes you can wear trainers to work, just ensure they're not caked in yesterday's mud.

Formal shirt

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