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With predictions of an Arctic blast, the time is rife to dig out the warmer gear from the back of your wardrobe. Before you do remember a Michelin Man outfit may be perfect for the slopes but it doesn't quite cut it when you're on your morning commute. To stay stylish, warm and dress well in cold weather, we've pulled together a few tips below.


Invest in a smart winter coat

This will be your staple, go-to or wear-with-anything coat. Unbelievably versatile, a smart coat keeps you warm and smartens up an outfit instantly. Plus it looks good with everything from jeans to your suit.
Stick to classic double-breasted or single breasted styles such as a pea coat or a parka.

Think layers

The easiest way to stay smart when the temperature drops is to think about how you can add layers to your outfit. For extra warmth, try a plain white cotton t-shirt or vest under your shirt and suit. Alternatively, a fine-gauge knit can look smart over your work shirt and under a suit.

Burton crew neck jumper

Or you could always wear this season's roll neck with a pair of formal trousers or suit jacket and trousers. And remember if it gets a little too warm, you can always peel off layers.

Add accessories

When the wind picks up, you'll feel it from your head to your toes. Protect yourself from the elements in a hat, scarf and gloves. They don't have to be matching but classic colours and patterns such as plaid, navy, black and grey will see you through the winter months and are guaranteed to go with your winter coat.

A blazer is the perfect alternative

Burton blazer

Some occasions such as a winter weekend break call for something lighter than a heavy winter coat. Enter the smart wool blazer. Perfect with jeans or chinos, the wool blazer adds warmth and style to your outfit and is easier to transport than a piece of outerwear. Wear over a jumper and shirt with scarf, gloves and hat for guaranteed toastiness when it drops below freezing.

Step out in smart shoes

Be stylish from the ground up in a pair of smart winter shoes. Desert boots or Chelsea boots are a good choice as they can be worn equally well with jeans and a blazer, straddling that smart casual divide.

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