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Cool, calm and collected… Well, wardrobe-wise at least. Forget bog-standard tracksuits, these football managers are smart, sharp and always well-presented. Here’s our picks of football managers who nail it and how you can dress like the best.

Gareth Southgate 

There were plenty of things to talk about during 2018’s World Cup, Gareth Southgate’s waistcoats included. On the ball with his look (pun firmly intended), Southgate opted for an array of perfectly tailored navy waistcoats for his World Cup managerial debut. While ditching the jacket – it was 30 degrees after all – Southgate still kept things professional in a light blue shirt and striped tie.

Pep Guardiola

This Man City manager needs no Pep talk when it comes to his look… Pep Guardiola may be flexible to formation, but wardrobe-wise he sticks to what he knows. All about tailoring, Pep is fond of a sharp, slim 2-piece suit at matches. However during colder seasons, you’re likely to see him in a fine-gauge crew-neck jumper under a classic Overcoat.

Luis Enrique

Unlike the other managers on the list, Spain’s Luis Enrique keeps a more casual approach to his football style. Most famously known for his green parka jacket (which is often a more memorable sight than the game itself. Enrique is more street-style than suits. Reminiscing back to his footballer days, he generally opts for a pair of trainers too – with an impressive vintage collection to boot.

Chris Powell

His team may be in the lower league but it doesn’t mean Southend United manager Chris Powell isn’t top of his game in the style stakes. The footballer-turned-manger has refined his look over the years sporting a classic three-piece suit on and off-duty. When it comes to the beautiful game Powell always shows up match-ready in a finely tailored look, and as a supporter of Prostate Cancer UK is known to finish off the outfit with the charity pin badge.




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