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Christmas party. Social minefield. One and the same thing, unless of course you’re au fait with our simple Christmas party etiquette steps that will make you everyone’s golden guest this party season.

Jamie in black tux

Look the Part

If there’s a dress code, stick to it. Now is not the time to be a rebel. Your host has requested everyone wear black tie to sit around their living room fireplace drinking beer and eating finger food so make sure you turn up in a tux or smart suit, crisp white shirt and shined shoes. When in doubt about the dress code, play it safe in a suit - swap the shirt and tie for a roll neck underneath to tone down the formality.

Bring a Bottle

Take a minute or two to have a think about what your host likes to drink. Did they ever mention an unusual gin or whiskey they had particularly enjoyed? Is Pale Ale one of their favourite tipples? Remember a little thought can go a long way. And whatever you do, don’t turn up with a cheap, off-the-shelf plonk that everyone knows is always half price at the supermarket. You don’t have to spend too much more to get something great.

Talk Less, Listen More

The monotone

It’s a fact that people like to talk about themselves. But why not tackle the art of conversation differently this party season? Focus on others rather than yourself, lend an ear and ask the person you’re talking to plenty of questions. This will help you really get into the festive spirit and may even charm someone who has caught your eye. Instead of a testosterone-fuelled bragging match with your male competitors, ask the person you would like to get to know better questions and remember that the quietest man in the room often has the most to say.

Thirsty Work

All that listening can work up a thirst but the last thing you need is to get steaming drunk at the Christmas party. Take it easy on the booze and be remembered for being warm and engaging rather than rowdy. Go steady, quietly pour yourself a sparkling water in between champagne cocktails and try not to have more than one alcoholic drink per hour. You’ll still have a great time, the only difference is you won’t make a fool of yourself and you’ll be able to remember the party the next day.

Final Curtain

If you can sense the party is winding down, it’s time to head for the exit. Aim to leave at the pinnacle of the party rather than the bitter end. Don’t slip out without thanking your host for a wonderful evening but similarly, don’t linger when saying goodbye. Swiftly thank them for the evening, grab your smart coat and book yourself an Uber home.

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