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Of course you can wear jeans to work but perhaps the real question is SHOULD you be wearing jeans into work? It depends on the context of your job and in some industries it is actually encouraged. But if you’re not sure whether you can get away with wearing jeans in the office read our quick checklist below…

Are you the boss?

If you’re at the top of your game, you don’t can pretty much wear what you darn well like into the office. However, you do need to be aware that your sartorial choices will have repercussions and set the tone for the dresscode in the office. If you work in a profession where a suit is the norm then a pair of bleach wash jeans and a band tee is going to raise some eyebrows regardless of your status. Be sensible and lead by example. If you want your staff to look sharp and smart, then ensure you are too.

Are you client facing?

If you’re face to face with your customers on a daily basis you need to take some time first to think about how appropriate jeans are. Would you trust an accountant, lawyer or doctor who was wearing jeans to work? On the flipside, you’d almost expect an architect or someone in the creative industry to wear something that said smart casual rather than a suit. And if you need to come across as friendly and relaxed to customers, a smart pair of jeans could be just what you’re looking for.

So, when can’t you wear jeans?

When you have a work uniform, when all your peers wear a suit, when you’re client facing and need to convey power and professionalism, when you work in a conventional office with a smart dress code and when you’re a corporate CEO who leads by example. Best leave those jeans for the weekend and dress the part at work.

Then, when CAN you wearjeans?

Dress down Friday’s go hand in hand with your favourite pair of dark wash jeans. If you work at a creative agency or you’re freelance then jeans are probably your go-to choice anyway. If you’re right on the borderline and really unsure then go for it one day but make sure you go for a smart denim look or even black jeans.


Team a dark wash pair of jeans as these always look much smarter with your favourite work shirt. Keep to the professional dress code by wearing a blazer and add a belt to smarten up your look. You could always wear a waistcoat from your favourite 3 piece suit over the top or a smart fine knit.


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