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Introducing the man everyone  is talking about at the moment….Mr Reggie Yates. TV presenter, Radio 1 DJ, and the, now, very cheeky face of our Christmas 2012 campaign.

We caught up with Reggie at the shoot, and put some questions to him. Here, he talks style, fashion faux pas and Burton (of course!)



How would you describe your particular style?


A: I like to think of myself as someone who over the years has found their own style, and not particularly someone who’s into trends. I’m more into what feels right for me and what I feel comfortable in. It’s taken me a while, but finally I’ve got to a place where I know what feels right and I have a wardrobe that reflects that now.


Are you championing any particular looks this season, have you got any tips for Autumn/Winter ’12?

A: I’m not a big trend guy, I’m much more about what works for individuals, and I think for me, in terms of what people should be looking ou,t for I think is trying your hardest to understand what works for your shape and what makes you feel comfortable and really invest in the pieces that help make you feel that way.


What is it that inspires your wardrobe?


A: My style is almost an amalgamation of getting it wrong 90% of the time and that little 10% when I get it right – kind of picking up on those moments and replicating them over and over again. I’d say my style is a lot smarter than it used to be, but at the same time you can be smart whilst wearing casual clothes. You can definitely feel comfortable when you’re smart. The best piece of style advice I ever had was years and years ago and that was that if you don’t feel comfortable then you don’t look it, so whatever I buy and whatever I wear, I have to make sure I always feel good in it.


Is style something that comes easily or is it something that you feel you have to work at?


A: To some people style comes really easily, some people come out of the womb knowing exactly what their look is or their silhouette is, and understanding what works well for them. For me, it’s taken a long time and I think a lot of men are similar – you get it wrong before you get it right, and eventually you have an understanding of what you look good in and what you feel most comfortable in. And for me it was always what I got the most compliments from girls in!



So you said you’re not influenced by trends but would you say you’re more designer driven or a fan of the high street?

A: I don’t think I’m really designer driven or high street driven I’m just driven by what looks good, and what I’m drawn to. Anyone who says they’re not influenced by trends is a liar because trends are everywhere – there’s no way of escaping them! If everybody is wearing a skinny jean or if everybody is wearing a bootcut, you just notice these things, and sometimes you might just try them out, but I just go with what feels good. I might see something in a magazine that could be from the high street shop, or could a designer label, but ultimately if I like it I’ll buy it. Having a brother who’s a stylist kind of helps because I see someone who can wear an entire outfit of high street clothes and it all looks really, really expensive just because of the way he has put it together.


Do you think the average guy’s interest in fashion is increasing?


A: I think things are changing massively when it comes to men and clothes. I think men are far more interested now in looking good because there are more examples of men in the spotlight who do it properly. There are more people who you can look at now and go ‘I like the way he dresses.’ The great thing is that they are so varied in their styles – some of them are much more tailored, some of them are much more relaxed and comfortable – and having those examples I think makes it so much easier for guys to go, ‘I might try that today’…


Is there anyone in particular who you think dresses well?


A: Yeah, there’s a couple of people that just really get it right all the time. I think Ryan Gosling dresses really well – when he’s on the red carpet he looks the bees knees, and as well as that he is comfortable. It might just be a crew neck sweatshirt or a pair of tapered jeans but it’ll just looks fantastic, or it might be a wickedly worn-in pair of boots that look like he’s lived in them, but it’ll just really work well together. I think George Lamb dresses really well too – he can do the whole dandy dicky bow thing one day, and the next be in a pair of jeans, a blazer and a t-shirt and still look just as great. I think the thing that ties those two together is that they both have mastered the art of looking comfortable if they’re dressed formally or casually.


Is there any particular trend that you see on people that you would love to send off to Room 101?

A: There are a lot of trends that I think aren’t great – I hate the super skinny jean for example…There are a lot of trends that make me angry! (And I don’t like to get angry because it’s not pretty)… I can’t bear a super skinny jean – a man should never look like he’s wearing leggings! Don’t get me wrong a tapered fit jeans are great and I think sometimes skinny jeans really works for an outfit but super skinny – the legging look – nah, not for me mate.



What’s been your own personal biggest faux pas?


A: It was more of a grooming faux-pas for me, I mean as a kid you wear loads of stupid stuff. I’ve worn the orange corduroys, I’ve done the click suits with the bullet holes in them, I’ve done all that nonsense…and I used to have a really bad ‘tache and braids and no matter what I wore regardless of how good it looked, it was a mess. In fact, I tell you what, I was nominated for a Bafta when I was 18 years old and I turned up to the awards in my first ever suit – my first ever proper, well-fitting suit – and I was so proud of it, and so excited by it, that I left the tag on the cuff. And I look at pictures now and I think what an idiot! Why didn’t anyone say anything?


Have you had a favourite outfit that you’ve worn today on the shoot?


A: There were a couple of really nice looks today, some of the casual stuff especially – I loved the layering of a waffle long sleeve with a short sleeve on top of it, I just think that that looks really nice as a layer and it looks quite interesting. I’ve never done that before and I think I’ll be wearing that everywhere I go for the next few weeks at least. Some of the sort of formal/casual mash-ups I really liked – like the blazers with the t-shirts I thought they looked really nice together. I mean, there is just so much nice stuff in the collection that is really easy for people to pick a few pieces and make them their own, which is why I’m here today…


What is it in particular that you like about the Burton brand?


A: I think the thing that really attracted me to working with Burton was the fact that it caters for your average guy and it’s really hard for your normal bloke to walk in to the pub and go ‘ooh did you see that blah blah wore, didn’t it look great’ without getting completely ridiculed. Having somewhere where a guy can walk in and go ‘you know what, I’ll have that, that and that’ and for it not cost an arm and a leg, that’s pretty awesome too…


Cheers mate!

 And if you’re after a bit more of Reggie…

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