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When it comes to winter there’s nothing more important than investing in a coat. It needs to be warm and something that you’ll want to return to year after year. So to inspire you, we hit the streets of London to see what you are wearing right now in terms of jackets and coats. Here are five key styles we came across in Burton Street Style: Jackets & Coats.

  1. Parka

Versatile and pretty much a classic now, the Parka is a style that you can wear casually with a check shirt and jeans or smarter with an Oxford shirt and chinos. Designed for battling against the elements, the Parka will keep you warm and dry, thanks to the hood. The military green colour is reminiscent of the history behind this piece, which was born to protect soldiers in the army. Read our ‘History of the Parka’ blog to find out more.

  1. The Wool Coat

This black wool coat is simple, elegant and the perfect cover up on your commute to work. For classic style that never dates, choose a wool coat in a black, navy or grey shade. Pair your coat with a smart shirt and jeans – like this gent here – and mix and match with casual boots or smart shoes for a more casual or formal look. You can also confidently wear a smart wool coat over your work suit.

  1. The Bomber Jacket

This jacket is one of the most versatile out of the bunch. Equally suitable for chilly and milder winter days, you can layer up and put on a bomber jacket over a smart shirt or a chunkier knit. The bomber may be more of a casual option but you can wear it either when heading to the bar or the pub for a few drinks and catch up with friends.

  1. The Overcoat

No longer just worn for driving – this coat is another one of our favourite styles. You can wear your overcoat with black jeans as in the picture above or over your suit and we think the combination of the grey textured coat and black jeans works really well. It’s the kind of item you can wear everyday and still make an impact. Pair yours with dark jeans and trainers or opt for smart brogues when you want to look sharp.

  1. The Trench Coat

Modern and slick, what more could you want from a coat? The trench coat is an essential in every man’s wardrobe, especially in temperamental wear. Team with a shirt and chinos like this stylish gent. In a similar way to the mac, this coat is lightweight compared to a wool coat, meaning it’s perfect for layering over a suit on milder days or when you’re commuting.

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