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Burton Selvedge Denim

As part of the Montague Burton collection, we have created a new premium selvedge denim range to wear now. This has gone the extra mile in terms of fit, finish and fabric quality.
If you’re wondering just what on earth selvedge means, the word comes from “self edge”. This was the term given when the edges of the length of denim fabric, which are bound with cream and red, were incorporated into the garment.

It’s easy to spot this detail at the outseam (visible when you roll up a pair of jeans). A selvedge seam is woven so that it doesn’t fray or curl, making the finish really neat and clean. This is just one of the reasons why selvedge has become synonymous with quality. Alongside offering a different finish, selvedge denim is also woven tight and so is supremely hard wearing.

Selvedge denim dates back to the 1800s when the traditional looms used to weave the denim fabric produced long thinner strips of denim with these bound edges and to minimise wastage the pattern cutters would utilise the selvedge in the jeans. In the 1950s the big industrial projectile looms were brought in to mass produce denim and selvedge denim became much less prolific.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing selvedge denim with raw denim. “Raw” simply means that the denim has not been pre-washed.  Although you’ll often find that raw denim is selvedge and selvedge comes in raw denim. You’ll find sometimes that a pair of selvedge raw denim jeans will get better with age. So they really are a pair of jeans that you can live in.

Find great fitting selvedge raw denim in our  latest collection of jeans. In addition, you’re also find jeans for those who like a worn-in look straight from the shelf with a number of different washes.

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