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At our trip to Polo in the Park 2017, we chatted with Bath Rugby and England International Freddie Burns about style, his outfit from Burton and sporting events.

What were your first impressions of your outfit?

First impressions of my outfit was one of pleasure. I was very impressed with the cut and fit of both the jacket and trousers.

What did you like about your outfit?

I liked how well fitted and tailored the suit jacket felt. I felt very comfortable in the outfit without feeling too overdone.

What would you usually wear to a sporting occasion?

To most summer sporting occasions I tend to go for a light chino/trouser jacket combination with a white or light shirt to try and have some summer colour. When it comes to winter/wet sporting occasions I'd tend to go for a dark/navy suit (maybe making it a 3 piece if it's cold) to try and avoid getting grubby.

How did you prep for the polo?

For the Polo I just kept to my standard routine, quick shower and shave and I was good to go.

Any rituals you’d care to share when getting ready to go to an awards ceremony/rugby dinner?

I don’t really have any rituals when it comes to an event.  I just complete my attire with a quick spray of cologne and my watch.

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