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Joe Batley, who plays rugby for Bristol, talks style, dressing well at sporting occasions and what he wore to Polo in the Park 2017.

What were your first impressions of your outfit?

On first impressions the suit looked really smart, comfy and fitted me well.

What did you like about your outfit?

I tend to struggle to find clothes that fit well because of my height and frame (6’5) so it was great that this suit fitted me well. Burton had loads of choice too which was a pleasant surprise!

What would you usually wear to a sporting occasion?

My go-to outfit for a sporting occasion is chinos, a nice light shirt, blazer and some tan brogues.

How did you prep for the polo?

I just made sure that my suit and shirt were crease free ready for the day!

Any rituals you’d care to share when getting ready to go to an awards ceremony/rugby dinner?

I don’t really have any rituals when it comes to a ceremony or dinner, just make sure my suit is looking sharp!

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