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Athlete and trainer Shaun Stafford told us about his first impressions of the outfit he wore to Polo in the Park 2017.

What were your first impressions of your outfit?

It was really light with a very fashionable and modern fit! It could be dressed up with a waist coat and tie, or dressed down with an open collar shirt. I was really surprised by how well it fit off the rack: usually I have to get jackets tailored as my arms and chest are a little bigger than normal... but this fit like a glove!

What did you like about your outfit?

The colour really stood out to me: perfect for summer! Looked fresh with a crisp white shirt and sunnies... it's not your standard colour and I liked that!

What would you usually wear to a sporting occasion?

I'd usually wear a blazer and chinos to a sporting event so was a great change to wear a full suit and dress up a bit...

How did you prep for the polo?

I'd been to a polo match before so I knew what to expect but this one was particularly well organised and the vibe was really cool! Everyone had dressed to impress...

Any rituals you’d care to share when getting ready to go to an awards ceremony/rugby dinner?

Always make sure you are well groomed: for me that might mean a hair cut and wet shave... but more often than not ends up with just a shower if I'm running late! When picking an outfit I always try and be a bit braver: making strong colour choices inevitably pays off... then it's just all about the confidence to own it when you wear it! If you aren't standing out from the crowd for the right reasons, you aren't being brave enough! I always take the time to see what works with my physique and also tailor it to the event I'm attending! If you are confident with what you are wearing, you'll look good regardless!

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