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Rugby Union player Elliott Stooke takes us through the outfit he wore to Polo in the Park 2017.

What were your first impressions of your outfit?

I really liked the outfit. The trousers and the jacket fitted really well which was a pleasant surprise considering my size.

What did you like about your outfit?

I was impressed by the variety of choice and also by the fit of the clothes. I’m quite a big guy so it was great to have a more choice than normal.

What would you usually wear to a sporting occasion?

For a sporting occasion I usually stick to chinos, shirt and a jacket….or my number 1s which are basically the same!

How did you prep for the polo?

Shirt and chinos ironed…sunglasses and Pimms at the ready!

Any rituals you’d care to share when getting ready to go to an awards ceremony/rugby dinner?

I don’t really have any rituals when it comes to a dinner or ceremony, just hop in the shower and have a quick scan of the guest list!

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