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Blogger That Gent Mark talks to us about the best present he’s ever received at Christmas and the magic of the festive season as a child.

That Gent Mark gets in the festive spirit

What do you want for Christmas this year?
I’ve actually received my gift early this year! Ever since the iPad Pro was announced I’ve been eyeing it up as my next upgrade for illustrating with. Being a digital artist I was beyond excited to get my hands on this new piece of tech and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

How do you normally spend Christmas and what are you doing this year?
As my parents live in Liverpool and my partner’s in Devon, we alternate each year where we go to. So Christmas usually involves lots of driving – which happily involves lots of singing along to cheesy Christmas songs in the car!

What is the best present you’ve ever received?
Ooo that’s a hard one. I do love my tech but I will have to say… a horse! I grew up on a farm and come from a family of show jumpers. One Christmas, when I was around 7 or 8, my parents surprised me with a new horse and I remember being so happy to have one of my own. We went on to become district champions together!

Describe your ideal Christmas
I’d love to experience Christmas as a child again – there’s so much more magic when you’re that age. Waking up on Christmas morning with snow blanketing the fields – we’d stumble downstairs to find a crackling fire and smells of delicious food. We’d slip on our wellies and see to the animals on the farm, then race back to tackle the mountain of presents waiting for us. The rest of the morning would be spent in a whirlwind of wrapping paper and toys before sitting down to a feast of epic proportions; not to mention the sprout trials. Afternoons brought with them family members, rooms of laughter and merriment, Christmas movies on the TV in front of the fire and of course, more tins of chocolate.

What is your favourite Christmas film?
Ah this one is an easy one as it’s actually my all-time favourite film; The Holiday. I love this movie and without sounding too soppy, it’s one of this films you can put on when you want to a good cry or have a good chuckle. The fact that it’s set during Christmas time just adds to the magic! It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.



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