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Aside from sightseeing, shopping and discovering a brand new city, one of the best parts about a holiday is enjoying the local food and drink. Whether it’s a strong cup of Turkish coffee or a sneaky shot of Greek ouzo – you’re on holidays after all – here are the best holiday drinks to try around the world.

Best Holiday Drinks: Ouzo in Greece

Best Holiday Drinks: Ouzo in Greece

Ouzo is a clear alcohol with a very distinct liquorice taste. It’s usually drunk straight without ice, although cold water can be added to dilute it. Ouzo bars are common throughout all of Greece and you’ll find it served with meze menus. Be careful keeping up with the locals – at 40% alcoholic content you won’t actually realise how much you’ve drunk until you try to stand up!

Best Holiday Drinks: Alhambra beer in Spain

Best Holiday Drinks: Alhambra beer in Spain

Alhambra is arguably the leading craft brewery in Spain and you simply have to sample the award-winning Alhambra Reserva 1925. Brewed in Spain for over 80 years, this premium beer is developed over 35 days to bring out the caramel aromas and full-bodied flavour. Make sure you try all the other varieties of beer while you’re at it – Alhambra also makes Premium, Especial, Negra and Mezquita ranges as well.

Best Holiday Drinks: Zivania in Cyprus

Believed to have been produced since the 15th century, zivania is an alcoholic beverage with a light flavour of raisins. It is a distillate made with grape pomace and local Cypriot wine. It’s another strong one – around 45% alcoholic content – although you can find drinks up to 90%! Since 2004, EU laws have protected zivania as a product unique to Cyprus and it cannot be produced anywhere else. It’s served ice-cold in a shot glass and best to be drunk quickly – it tends to burn your throat as it goes down!

Best Holiday Drinks: Port in Portugal

Port wine, also known as vinho do Porto or oporto, is one of the most famous sweet fortified dessert wines. Originating from the Douro Valley in the north of Portugal, port is a sweet red wine aged in barrels for at least 7 years. There are several different types of port, most notably tawny, ruby, white and late-bottled vintage. It is usually served after dinner or added to other dishes such as fish and meat.

Best Holiday Drinks: Turkish coffee in Turkey

Best Holiday Drinks: Turkish Coffee

Local drinks don’t always have to be alcoholic. If you’re looking for a more dry kind of holiday, make sure you try some Turkish coffee. Not just a drink, but also a ritual, Turkish coffee is a way of preparing drinks. Finely ground roasted coffee beans are boiled with water and sugar in a small traditional copper pot, called a cezve. It is then served in a fine porcelain cup, where the coffee grounds settle at the bottom. There are four different sweetness servings – ‘sade’ means plain without sugar, ‘azşekerli’ means half a teaspoon of sugar, ‘ortaşekerli’ is one level teaspoon of sugar, and ‘çokşekerli’ is for a sweet tooth with two or more teaspoons.

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