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Whether you're naturally athletic or work out in the gym, it's not always easy to find clothing that fits. After all, you want to show off all the hard work you've put in but feel somewhat limited. Up until now that is. Forget boxy shirts and narrow shoulders, here are 5 ways you can dress to emphasise a muscular body.

Keep it classic

Muscle Fit

If you want to show off your honed physique, stick to the classics such as a crew neck tee. Simple and effective, think James Dean and team with a pair of blue jeans to make the most of physique. For added comfort, go for a t-shirt with added elastane as found in our extended Muscle Fit range. This will help emphasise your silhouette and show off your well-built body.

Make sure it fits

Without sounding like we're stating the obvious here, you need to pay attention to the fit. But how do you find clothing that fits when you're a classic V shape? Well, with more options available in our shirt range, you can stock up on those essentials.

Muscle Fit Style and FeatureArtboard Casual shirts

Our Muscle Fit shirts have added stretch so they accommodate for both broader shoulders and a narrow waist. The result is a comfortable fit that enhances your frame.

Cover up

Don't let the inclement weather drag you down. Cover up in a lightweight bomber to look trim, toned and in proportion. And since the bomber is cropped at the waist, it'll help breakdown the bulk and emphasise a narrower waist.

Lighten the layers

Put simply, there's not point adding bulk to a well-built frame. You'll just end up hiding your muscular body. Instead, stick to lightweight layers that skim your body such as a fine knit jumper over an Oxford shirt.

Build on your basics

Muscle Fit Style Polo Shirts

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, muscular men can build their own repertoire of fail-safe items. Whether that be a stretch denim shirt, short sleeve check shirt or slim-fitting polo shirt, ensure you're always ready for the week ahead by choosing items with added stretch.

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